One window

One Window LT is a business services partnership that combines the experience, skills and knowledge of professionals from different fields. Collaboration between them guarantees a high quality of services provided.

One Window LT guarantees a fast and convenient access to a wide range of business management services:

  • Accounting
  • Financial management
  • Auditing
  • IT
  • Legal services
  • Business consulting
  • Other

Vision: to provide a leading business services package in Lithuania and nearby markets

Mission: to create a partnership system that would guarantee the highest possible quality of services provided and would create a learning environment among the partners

We offer:

  • A business service package that is specially tailored for Your needs
  • Top specialists from different fields working together on Your projects
  • All-around improvement of Your business administration system
  • A flexible business service system that allows us to adapt quickly and satisfy Your changing needs

Our advantages:

  • We are the only ones in Lithuania to offer a complete business service package
  • The „One Window“ principle saves Your time and human resources
  • By providing a complete business service package we can thoroughly analyze and optimize Your business administration system


The combined experience of our specialists allows us to be efficient in finding solutions to your problems

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